The perfect ERP system for fresh produce importers

Zest is an ERP system that has been developed based on years of practical experience in and knowledge of the fresh produce sector. It brings all your business processes together in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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The time is ripe for Zest

All the benefits at a glance

To your own taste

Every organization has its own working methods, and Zest takes this into account. Zest adapts to your working methods, and during implementation we make sure…

By connoisseurs, for connoisseurs

Based on our experience, we have analysed all the processes, risks and challenges in the sector to create the best possible ERP system for the fresh produce …

No expensive hardware

Because Zest was developed on Business Central, Microsoft's cloud platform, there is no need to purchase special servers or software. As long as you have an …



Control over every process

Batch management
Order management
Quality Management
Financial management
Batch management

With Zest, the status of your batches is always transparent. Where are they? Where are they coming from? When can you sign them off? Our clever software gives you answers to all these questions immediately.

Order management

Get a grip on your order process. Every step in the process, from order to delivery, is transparent and clear, so that all departments can work together efficiently.

Quality Management

Manage quality certificates and save time. With Zest, you can immediately see which certificates apply to your stock.

Financial management

Fully integrated processes, including accounting, give you a solid grip on your financial situation.

Switching made easy

No time-consuming and complex implementation. With our clever switching service, you can take advantage of the benefits of your new system as quickly as possible.

We draw up a schedule together with you

We set up the system according to your wishes

We test the system and train your colleagues

And you can get started and enjoy all the benefits

Manage the entire process

Zest is the perfect ERP system for fresh produce importers. Zest simplifies the management of all your internal processes and gives you an overview of the processes in the chain, from grower to customer. You can collaborate digitally with chain partners and structure the fast-paced trading process. Zest gives you flexibility to quickly adapt to the dynamic market and offers support in complying with regulations. Zest gives you insight into product, money and information flows.


Zest Connect opens up a world of possibilities

Central hub

Zest makes linking to external systems easy. Zest is the central hub of all your internal and external processes.


Connecting Zest to external Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is easy. Zest keeps track of changes to your orders for you, so that you can pass them on to your chain partners effortlessly and without errors.


A good quality system is important but keeping it up to date takes up a lot of time. Links with a digital supplier declaration and the GlobalG.A.P. database will take much work off your hands.