How Zest works

Thanks to our experience in the fresh produce sector, we know what is important to you. Zest offers many useful features to simplify your daily work. And with Zest Connect, you can connect to your chain partners' systems.

Batch management

With Zest, the status of your batches is always transparent. Where exactly are your batches? What is the precise origin of a certain product? And when can you sign off a batch with the grower? Zest will give you the answers to these questions by keeping accurate records of all the information related to batches. This saves you time and gives you grip on your financial situation.

Order management

In the fresh produce sector, you need to be able to switch gears quickly. The quantity and quality of incoming orders may be different than expected, and customers sometimes change sales orders at the last minute. On hectic days, a mistake is easily made. Zest allows you to follow every order step by step, and immediately see any changes made to the latest version of an order. You can then pass on the most up-to-date information to the relevant parties, quickly and error-free.


Quality management

Data on product quality plays an increasingly important role in the fresh produce sector. You want to know which certificates apply to batches, and which quality requirements they meet. In Zest, your certificate management is linked to individual pallets, so that you know exactly what you have and can search by specific attributes. What's more, Zest also keeps track of when you need to request new supplier declarations.

Financial Management

One of the main advantages of Zest is the seamless integration of all business processes into a single system. Accounting is also fully integrated and collaborates with the other components. This saves time and offers insight into your financial situation.



Zest Connect opens up a world of possibilities

Central hub

Zest makes linking to external systems easy. Zest is the central hub of all your internal and external processes.


Connecting Zest to external Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is easy. Zest keeps track of changes to your orders for you, so that you can pass them on to your chain partners effortlessly and without errors.


A good quality system is important but keeping it up to date takes up a lot of time. Links with a digital supplier declaration and the GlobalG.A.P. database will take much work off your hands.

Quality inspection

Get your quality inspection software to work with Zest and directly link quality inspection results to your inventory. In this way, all the information about the quality of your products is always available in a single convenient location.


Zest can read Excel packing lists from suppliers and process them as purchase orders, including pallet information such as pallet ID, GGN and PUC. As a result, work becomes more efficient and less prone to errors.


Mailchimp is an online marketing tool for sending emails and newsletters. Linking Zest to Mailchimp is very easy, and you only need to keep contact details in one place – very convenient.